Welcome to Dog Like a Weapon Community website!

Dear Community Members!

We launched our website DOGLIKEAWEAPON.COM. Its creation was a reaction to significant restrictions for enthusiasts and working dog professionals on social networks. And we, too, came under these pressures. As you know, our Facebook public group has been disabled, the main page reduced distribution, part of our team was temporarily banned.

Before that, we thought about the need for our own resources for our Community, and these events served as a catalyst for this process. On the DOGLIKEAWEAPON.COM  we will try to collect and systematize all useful practical information about breeding, care and use of real working dogs. We also plan to create a mobile application for more convenient use.

One of the main goals of launching the website was to create a reliable and secure platform for communication between professionals, athletes and enthusiasts. Therefore, one of the key sections on the site is a forum. Yes, it also seems a bit archaic to us. But the forum still has some undeniable advantages such as:

– saving useful information in the form of a convenient structure (sections / topics)

– the opportunity to talk about what we want to talk about, without looking at anyone’s prejudices

– the impossibility of restricting access or deleting a resource (as long as we have money for hosting 😉

and other nice features from the past Internet.

Of the main disadvantages of the forum, this is not such a convenient thing as a social network regarding the distribution of information. But now a lot of modern upgrades have already appeared and we will try to configure everything in the most convenient way.

If you see any inaccuracies or errors on the website, or have any ideas how to improve it, please let us know.

Sincerely, DLW team